Power Tumbling & Trampoline

Our mission is to provide a positive, encouraging atmosphere where all students excel physically, mentally and emotionally in the sport of power tumbling and trampoline. 

Tumbling and Trampoline, otherwise known as T-N-T is for all children who love to run, bounce, fly, spin, and have lots of fun. But the fun factor can sometimes distract from the serious nature of the activity.
All of the T-N-T events build confidence, concentration, courage, and discipline.  We teach the students step-by-step to make sure they are ready before we move on to the next skill.  Progressions is the key to success!

$30 Annual membership fee and $40 per family

​"To be the Best you must Train with the Best!"​
Come be a part of the most successful program in Del Rio, Tx.

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